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“Haley was incredibly helpful in my search for a Miami apartment. I was scheduled to start a new job in Miami in two weeks and was hoping to find an apartment asap. Haley arranged multiple apartment viewings over the course of two days until I found the perfect place in Miami Beach. She always answered my e-mails quickly, often within an hour. Also, she made the entire process much easier by handling lease documents, communicating with the landlord, and answering all of my questions, even after I had moved into the new place. I highly recommend this agency!“

- Rob W. (Miami Beach, FL, 5.0 star rating 10/11/2016)

“My husband and I had an excellent experience with Haley at Miami Real Estate Realty! Haley is incredibly professional, attentive and kind. We had a serious time constraint and needed someone to help us find a place fast. Haley did exactly that! She got to work finding potential listings for us right away. Within just 2 days of contacting Haley, she took us to see 8 condos! Anytime we had a question and emailed Haley, she would always respond in 5-10 minutes. She is an extremely hard worker and her communication with us was always clear and helped put us at ease. Thanks to Haley, we were able to find exactly what we wanted for a great price! I highly recommend Haley, she is a pleasure to work with!“

- Anna F. (Miami Beach, FL, 5.0 star rating 7/22/2016)

“My experience with Miami Real Estate Realty has been amazing thus far. I am moving from Texas and have never been to Miami. I just came back from a three day trip to lock down housing. During my 3 day trip, I asked Haley if we could see all of the apartments in one day, which is no easy task. We saw countless places and she stayed as close to my want and need list as possible. My experience with not only her, but the other agents that make Miami Real Estate Realty have been so helpful, genuine, and hospitable. I never felt rushed, or as if my petitions were not being heard. I would recommend Miami Real Estate Realty to my friends and family.

If you want to see a review that I did on YouTube, here is the link - youtu.be/fC6rqJ5_ndM

- Yajaira D. (San Antonio, TX, 5.0 star rating 6/12/2016)

“Haley was amazing throughout my move to Miami. She went above and beyond helping me find just the right place. If you are moving to South Florida definitely give them a call!

- Brett S. (Miami Beach, FL, 5.0 star rating 5/25/2016)

“My son, Sam, and I came to Miami from Indiana to find housing for him while he attends graduate school at the University of Miami. Finally after spending a week chasing leads and being unsuccessful. Sam googled Yelp and came up with several possibilities. We contacted Haley Stevenson who responded immediately to our email and found housing for Sam in less than a day!! Haley was simply amazing. She met us, informed us of various options, appropriate neighborhoods for Sam's commute to campus and showed us around the area. Haley walked us through the process of renting in Miami. She spent her Saturday afternoon finalizing lease, etc. Haley went above and beyond for us. She continued to follow up with both Sam and I even after he moved into his new apartment. Haley ensure that our needs were met and answered our many questions. I can't say enough for Haley and the work she does. If you need a realator she is the one to have. “

Kathy Mitchell


- Kathy M. (Saint Paul, IN, 5.0 star rating 12/16/2015)

“My wife and I decided to call Miami Real Estate Realty after seeing how well rated they were on yelp. We certainly were not disappointed and will only use them for future rentals and purchases. We had the pleasure of working with Haley.

From the start Haley was delightful. Not only was she kind, but she was prompt and dedicated. She contacted us immediately and had several listings already lined up for us to view only a day or two after expressing our needs and wants.

Haley found us exactly what we were looking for and made it so, so easy. She took care of everything with such grace.

If you are looking for your next home and want to find it without any stress or aggravation, Haley is the person for you.

- Nichol R. (Revere, MA, 5.0 star rating 10/3/2015)

“I contacted Miami Real Estate Realty right after finding out I got a job in Miami and had to relocate from Puerto Rico. Denni got back to me within a day and connected me with Haley Stephenson. I gotta say that Haley is amazing, she worked with me from out of state and was very available and concerned to find something I would like. I can't thank her enough for all her help. I would definitely work with them again if I were to move again.“

- Desiree S. (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 5.0 star rating 6/17/2015)

“When finally my life's circumstances permitted me to move to South Beach, Miami Beach, I wanted to search out a realty or rental agent to help me find an apartment to rent. So I search through many real estate agencies in Miami Beach. Some I called and left messages, some I emailed. Of those I called and sent emails, not one responded! But before I contacted one, I Googled their names for reviews. There were horror stories after horror stories about every one in Miami Beach.

In looking through the reviews, I came across Miami Real Estate Realty in South Miami. The reviews were all positive. So I called Denni Jordan, the Broker and Owner. She was so polite and so nice and so accommodating. She said she would put me in touch with Haley Stephenson who handled rentals in Miami Beach. Denni gave me Haley's contact information, email address and cell phone number.

I emailed Haley what kind of apartment I was looking for and location. Within minutes, yes within minutes Haley emailed me a list of apartments that I was looking for! She did this continuously during the time I was preparing to move. She was very patient with me. Finally we zeroed in on one I really liked. It was still available. So I drove over to Miami Beach and met Haley and we looked at the apartment. It was just what I wanted and located exactly where I wanted to be. Haley promptly took care of all the necessary paperwork and to make a long story short, it was her fortitude that finally clinched the rental.

One thing in particular that especially impressed me about Haley was something she stated in the signature section of her emails: "Only satisfied clients refer others, and I want to make sure I exceed the expectations of every client who passes through our doors. If you know anyone in need of my services, please pass on my name and number. And if I can ever assist you again in the future, please give me a call."

Well, I am a satisfied client, and Haley indeed exceeded all my expectations! She is awesome and the BEST. If you plan to relocate, or are looking to rent or buy something in Miami, look no further than Miami Real Estate Realty with help from Denni Jordan and Haley Stephenson. You will be extremely satisfied as they exceed all your expectations and display impeccable honesty and integrity.“

- John P. (Miami Beach, FL, 5.0 star rating 1/28/2015)

“Thank you for everything and being so professional. really helped with my relocation. definitely recommend!“

- Ali K. (Manhattan, NY, 5.0 star rating 9/17/2014)

“I had a wonderful experience with Haley. She is a wonderful and professional Realtor, and was an absolute lifesaver for us!

We moved from DC to Miami Beach and had a very clear idea of what we wanted. I was picky and pushy, sent her tons of links to apartments I liked, and she was so great about it! She really listened to what we wanted. We toured 4 apartments and ended up getting us the unit we fell in love with. It was almost too easy! She even surprised us by negotiating with the landlord for a lower price.

The process of getting the apartment took some time, since we had to get approval from a condo association. She walked us through everything and was very attentive throughout the entire process.

If you are looking for a home in Miami, you should definitely contact this company. They are responsive, professional and the attention is personalized. Haley is the best!“

- SB B. (Alexandria, VA, 5.0 star rating 6/20/2014)

“Haley was a fantastic agent. She was very prompt in returning my calls and emails. She was also very persistent in finding an apartment that was suitable for me, in the desired location of Brickell, and within my price range. Haley did a fantastic job in previewing and ultimately securing the apartment in which I am currently living.

I will highly recommend Haley and Miami Real Estate Realty to my friends and colleagues.“

- N. B. (Miami, FL, 5.0 star rating 10/8/2013)

“These guys are the best! Relocating to Miami can be trying, tricky, and exhausting. The real estate market, especially apartments on South Beach, is super competitive. The good ones go quick, and the bad, well they move quickly also. After apartment hunting for a few days, cold calling, walking the streets, meeting landlords, I thought to consult a realtor. Well luck had it be, when I called up the highest rated Miami based realty company on yelp, I was instantly was placed in the caring hands of Haley. I couldn't have been any luckier. This girl worked diligently on finding the perfect place for me. She never pressured me even though we must have looked at least a dozen listings! Haley always had a smile on her face, positive attitude, and was working 24/7 on the hunt. Even after the closing she remained in close contact to make sure the transition was smooth. Excellent customer service! (So good it inspired me to write this, my first review ever, on yelp!) If you are looking for a new apartment or real estate I highly recommend Miami Real Estate Realty, ask for Haley!“

- Adam J. (Miami Beach, FL, 5.0 star rating 10/11/2013)

“Just as good as all the other reviews state, this was the place to go to find a rental unit. Denise answered the phone after hours, just because she was there, and sent me a list of units that very night because of my short time-table to find a place. She put me in touch with one of the realtors, Haley, who got in touch with me the very next day. Haley herself was excellent, and got me into my condo within two weeks. She was very professional and really went the extra step to make sure everything got done like it should. If you're looking for a realty company, look no further, this is as good as it gets in Miami“

- Doug S. (Miami, FL, 5.0 star rating 10/13/2013)

“Haley was great. Helped me through a complicated Miami market to find a very nice place. Would not try to do this rental market on my own. And Haley was the best. Had problems with a slow future landlord, etc. But she helped me through it. Doubt you could do better than Haley“

- Arthur K. (Miami Beach, FL, 5.0 star rating 10/19/2013)