Millionaires' Row

Miami Beach Millionaires Row

The magnificent Millionaires’ Row is the envy of every Miami resident. This stretch of oceanfront opulence along Collins Avenue in Miami Beach traditionally includes boundaries between 41st Street and 69th Street. In all fairness, it should extend to 97th Street because of the multi-million-dollar luxury condos of Fendi Château and St. Regis Bal Harbour.

About Millionaires' Row

Miami Millionaires Row

This upscale area of the city is nestled between North Beach and South Beach and affords its residents easy access to both neighboring communities as well as the heart of the city. Pristine white sand adorns the coastline just to the east of Collins Avenue, and the view of luxury yachts and boats in Biscayne Bay to the west completes this stretch of paradise.

History Of Millionaires' Row

Millionaires Row

The area's luxurious buildings and landscaping evolved from the concept of building a tropical sanctuary for the affluent, which was a vision shared by John Collins and Carl Fisher. When a wooden bridge was erected in 1913 connecting the area to the mainland, the two gentlemen started turning their idea into a reality. Today, it is one of the most coveted residential areas in the state and has been called home by celebrities such as Shakira, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Pop and many others.

Benefits Of Living Along Millionaires' Row

Millionaires Row Ocean View

The list of reasons to buy a luxury condo on Millionaires’ Row is much longer than the list of any potential concerns. In addition to the exquisite surroundings and unparalleled waterfront views, Millionaires’ Row offers its residents a host of other amenities and advantages.

The crime rate is extremely low. In comparison with other areas of the city and comparable areas of other large metropolises, this beach community's crime rate stays low. The streets are staffed plentifully with police, and they take the job of keeping residents safe and secure very seriously. There are also private security options.

The schools have excellent ratings. For families or couples who are planning to raise children in the area, the schools are one of the paramount benefits. With a favorable teacher-to-student ratio, specialized programs and quality values, it is easy to see why the area's schools consistently earn A+ grades.

There are plenty of shopping options. Chain stores and restaurants are just a short drive away on the mainland along Biscayne Boulevard. The majority of the island's shopping venues are upscale boutiques offering everything from designer clothing and shoes to home furnishings and baby supplies. Most shops are scattered along the beach or are to the north or south of Millionaires’ Row.

Millionaires Row Ocean View of Miami Beach

Dining options are endless. There are plenty of small venues in some of the larger condo buildings and even more scattered along the coastline. Different venues boast exotic foods from all over the world, vegan fare, fresh organic ingredients, gluten-free dishes and even kid-friendly options. Many venues offer delivery for the convenience of busy professionals. There are also a variety of grocery and specialty stores nearby.

Transportation is surprisingly painless. As it is in every beach city across the United States, traffic is heavier in the morning and late afternoon. It can be heavy near Fontainebleau frequently. Since the majority of grocery stores are not within walking distance of most Millionaires’ Row properties, it is favorable to own a vehicle or motorized bike. However, there is a major bus line that starts downtown, crosses the MacArthur Causeway and runs along Collins Avenue through Millionaires’ Row and up to North Beach.

Millionaires Row In Miami Beach, Florida

There are plenty of nearby attractions. Most residents of Millionaires’ Row enjoy outdoor exercise in the nearby parks or on the boardwalk. Sightseeing and dinner cruises along Biscayne Bay are enjoyable for local residents. Most people who live on Millionaires’ Row enjoy sailing, fishing in the ocean or water sports. Miami is also full of interesting places such as the Children's Museum, Perez Art Museum, Villa Vizcaya, Coral Castle, Montgomery Botanical Center and many others.

L'Atelier Sunrise

The climate is ideal. Anyone who enjoys warmth will love the sub-tropical climate of Millionaires’ Row. Most days are sunny, and the weather is usually humid and warm during the summer. Many residents enjoy the frequent thunderstorms because of how impressive they look over the ocean. The winters are still warm but somewhat drier, and spring and fall are moderate.

The property values are increasing. For the third quarter in 2016, the median sale price in the area was $400,000. The average cost per square foot was $475, which showed a 12 percent increase from last year's third quarter. Overall, home values are rising at a year-over-year rate of about 13 percent. Also, this is a hot living area in Miami-Dade County, which means that properties do not usually stay on the market for very long.

Millionaires Row Extended

We have a wide variety of luxury condos for sale along Millionaires’ Row and in surrounding areas with a long list of amenities. From the identical towers of the Blue Diamond and Green Diamond to the majestic architecture of the Bath Club, there are styles and sizes of condos to fit any list of preferences. Explore our site, and please contact us to learn more about a specific property.

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